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Our family started with an Internet hello.


One of us was in New England, the other was Denver-high.  We chatted on the world wide web and the exchange of words led to connection.  One thing led to another:  a romantic first meeting in Charleston, South Carolina to getting married in Phoenix, Arizona and adventures in France and North America.


Our first baby is Werner, the dog who rescued us.  He loves beach walks and road trips.  He was our travel companion for a cross-country journey.  We moved from the US Southeast to the Pacific Northwest.


We now have two children, a daughter and a son.  Children are blessings and as any parent can attest, your heart grows with each child and each day spent with these little humans.


Little children do take time and resources.  Can we ever travel again?  Will life ever be the same again?


No, life can never be the same again.  With children, life is sillier, more curious, more honest, more forgiving…in some ways simpler, in many ways more complex.


Mount Hood by Train


So here we are.  Back at hello.  We hope we can connect.  Please make yourself comfortable.  A glass of wine?  Cider?  Some chocolate cherries?


We’ve been bitten by the travel bug and want to pass it along.


We also want to share with you this beautiful part of Earth we call home.


Hot Air Balloons Over the Yakima River


It is a world of wonder.


People are different and yet the same.  There may be Grinches out there but they are outnumbered by the good people at home and abroad.  There are languages to learn.  There is poetry in the prose of everyday life.  There are natural and man-made places of beauty that are jaw-dropping that make you say with your little ones…WOW!


Red Mountain Vineyard in Winter


From Washington’s wine country, a toast to you, the ones you love and the dreams in your heart.



-Victor and Kathleen



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